The Intercultural Essentials

A common refrain from busy potential clients is “I just need the essentials, I don’t have much time – tell me what makes the most difference”.  After fifteen years of working with thousands of people in organisations and businesses trying to get ‘the essentials’, we decided it was time to summarise what we think on this topic in a model.  The BI ‘Intercultural Essentials’ model defines what is really needed to be effective when working in complex and culturally diverse workplaces.


The BI Intercultural Essentials

It is critical that any intercultural training programs or coaching address all of these four key stages: Awareness, Perspective, Knowledge and Capability.  It’s also most helpful to address them in this order.  It is a risk to jump to ‘knowledge’ without being aware of why such knowledge  is necessary, and what your cultural position is in the first place.

We’re looking forward to using this model as an anchor for all of our programs, and to assist our clients understand the process of working toward greater capability – the end point we always focus on.

About the Author:

Tamerlaine Beasley is an expert who enables effective collaboration and communication in diverse and global workplaces.She is a member of the Board of the Australia-ASEAN Council for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and founder and Managing Director of Beasley Intercultural, Australia’s premier cross-cultural training and consultancy company.Tamerlaine’s keynote presentations, advisory services and training programs are described by clients as ‘transformational’ and ‘game changing’. Examples of her work include: coaching and advising business leaders in Australia and Asia; working with global teams to optimise performance; developing a framework for training and capability building through international partnerships for APEC; building local staff capacity at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific; leading the development of diversity and inclusion programs for the Australian Public Service Commission and the Department of Defence.