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Inclusive Leadership Training

Learn how to lead a diverse team

In today’s globally connected and diverse business environment, leaders face many complex challenges. To succeed, you need to navigate volatility and uncertainty – and unearth the best from your entire team.

In this interactive inclusive leadership training, learn practical strategies and skills to create a culture of trust, collaboration and inclusion.

What you’ll learn

  • Strategies to enhance team performance.
  • How your leadership style impacts performance.
  • How to role model leadership with inclusive communication.

What this training covers

Learn how to unlock the potential of multigenerational, culturally diverse teams. Develop a global mindset, and develop personal strategies to become a more effective, influential leader.

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You can take this training online now, or as part of an in-person or blended program.

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Clients & Results

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Training modules

Inclusive Leadership

  • What inclusive leadership is, and why it matters
  • Strategic alignment and purpose
  • Current performance diagnostic

Team Dynamics

  • What diversity looks like
  • How diverse teams work
  • Belonging, authenticity, engagement

Perspective and Bias

  • Identifying bias ‘hot spots’
  • Interrupting and minimising bias and exclusion

Maximising Participation

  • Communication cultures
  • Creating alignment, clarity and buy-in
  • Design thinking

Negotiating Difference

  • Innovation
  • Delivering performance

Putting it all together

  • Post assessment measuring growth
  • Personal ongoing implementation plan

What our participants say

“The insight into why and how Australians communicate the way they do in Asia and the self-adjustment required to be effective was really helpful. I will stop and think about my communication style as a result.”
Aidan Gregson, Dupont