Cross-cultural approaches to choice – freedom or constraint?

Our culture shapes our attitudes toward the individual ability to choose. Do you prefer to see ourselves as discrete individuals whose choices have implications for us alone, or as a part of an interdependent group where choice is a collective responsibility with implications for all?

In this fascinating vodcast, The Art of Choosing Sheena Iyengar from the Columbia Business School draws on her research, and her experience in Japan, Eastern Europe and the USA to analyse approaches toward choice. Building on her famous ‘jam choice’ study of consumer behaviour, she challenges us to explore our assumptions around choice and decision making across cultures.

The implications are significant and impact upon consumer behaviour, workplace relationships, management style and how to motivate others.

About the Author:

Tamerlaine Beasley is an expert who enables effective collaboration and communication in diverse and global workplaces.She is a member of the Board of the Australia-ASEAN Council for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and founder and Managing Director of Beasley Intercultural, Australia’s premier cross-cultural training and consultancy company.Tamerlaine’s keynote presentations, advisory services and training programs are described by clients as ‘transformational’ and ‘game changing’. Examples of her work include: coaching and advising business leaders in Australia and Asia; working with global teams to optimise performance; developing a framework for training and capability building through international partnerships for APEC; building local staff capacity at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific; leading the development of diversity and inclusion programs for the Australian Public Service Commission and the Department of Defence.