Working with the Philippines

As a result of this program, your staff will be better able to recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce and employ practices that positively engage with colleagues in the Philippines for business results.

The elearning program is delivered in a highly interactive manner with activities throughout to provide opportunities to apply learning to real-life scenarios.

To ensure participants are effective in their interactions with colleagues in the Philippines, participants will:

  • Develop greater awareness of Australian culture and the implications for working with the Philippines
  • Minimise the risk of misunderstandings
  • Know when and how to modify communication to ensure results

Meeting table

People in meeting


  • Discuss and how to find and develop common ground
  • Identify risks of assumptions based on the ‘tip of the iceberg’
  • Practical strategies for effectiveness
  • Identify strategies to maximise cultural effectiveness

Practical Resources

  • Working with the Philippines Summary
  • What ‘Yes’ means
  • Top 10 Global English Essentials