Training Programs

Beasley Intercultural offers high quality cultural training and global development programs. Delivery options include eLearning, blended or face-to-face training.

We continually update and create the latest content to address current and future business needs. If you don’t see the program to suit your specific needs or country specialisation please contact us for tailor made programs. Our programs can be accessed globally.

Cultural Effectiveness

Understand what culture is and how to work more effectively with people from different cultures. This program is interactive, engaging and uses practical resources to build capability allowing more effective communication.

This program is for people who have contact with diverse colleagues or client bases.

Working With Australians

This 40 minute eLearning program provides a greater understanding of Australian communication styles, workplace culture and business expectations.

 This program is suitable for people new to the Australian work force, part of a global team, offshore supporting Australian business or an Australian wanting to learn more about how their communication style affects their communication.

Cost online: $65/pp + GST

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Global Team Success

Transforming a diverse group of people into a successful team needs cultural understanding, trust and solid working relationships. How can a diverse and/or remote group come together to work with shared goals for success? 

This program is for leaders managing across cities, countries, cultures or time zones.

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Inclusive Leadership

Generational, cultural and gender diversity are some of the challenges facing the modern leader. How can you make sure you are leveraging the capability of all of your team?

Aimed at people wanting to become a more Inclusive Leader. This interactive program will give you the personal skills to access and leverage the diversity of your team.

Cost Online: $995/pp + GST.
Classroom:  $1459/pp + GST.

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Country Specific Programs

These programs give an understanding of communication styles, workplace culture and business expectations. All programs include practical tips, case studies and real world examples. 

These programs are ideal for people who regularly communicate with colleagues or clients in another country but rarely get to meet face to face. Programs are available for China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, The Philippines, Australia and other Asian Countries.

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Client Relationship Management

Develop an understanding of Asian and Australian cultures and how they differ. Learn how culture influences decision-making, project management and client relationships. During this program you will access practical strategies to minimise stress and costly misunderstandings using real life case studies and activities.

Popular Client Relationship Management programs include China, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Please contact us to discuss this program for other countries in Asia.

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Global Mobility

The Global Mobility Pathway is a comprehensive suite of programs, which can be tailored to ensure the success of the executive relocation.

Options include:

Online Global Mobility Needs Analysis
Pre-deployment training
Managing Local Staff program
In country coaching sessions
Re-entry program    

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Working With The Philippines

This 35 minute eLearning program provides a greater understanding of communication styles, workplace culture and business expectations of people in The Philippines.

This program includes case studies, interviews and access to practical resources.

This program is suitable for people who are working regularly with colleagues in The Philippines.

Cost Online: $65/pp +GST.

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Addressing Unconscious Bias

We all have unconscious bias. For teams to work well together and business to succeed we need to look beyond the bias and leverage the diverse talents of our staff.

Our Unconscious Bias program will teach you to understand what bias is, recognise bias hotspots and provide guided activities to minimise the impact. This program is suitable for teams who want to build team relationships, improve workplace performance and understand the impacts of unconscious bias.

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