Charlotta Öberg

Charlotta Öberg is a Cultural Intelligence facilitator with 15 years cultural diversity experience from 3 continents.  She equips professionals around the world, working in multicultural societies and global business, to succeed and thrive in culture-rich environments.

Previously Charlotta worked for the Swedish government as a cultural diversity advisor, where she was awarded an EU project on Cultural Competence and nominated for the annual Diversity Prize. She has also headed up the London office of global mindset training firm Aperian Global, and worked as an intercultural consultant to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Charlotta holds a Masters Degree in Social Science with a focus on intercultural communication, and is a certified coach. Originally from Sweden, she has lived and worked around the world, including Malaysia, China and the US and for the past 9 years in Australia. She currently enjoys living in the global village that is Sydney with her family.