Inclusive Leadership

Leaders are increasingly required to navigate significant volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. To meet these challenges, it is critical they have the capacity to access and leverage the best from all members of their team. Teams are increasingly diverse. Generational, cultural and gender diversity are just the tip of the iceberg. How to understand the diversity of the team and ensure everyone contributes their best is a key capability required of leaders. The capacity to leverage the diversity of teams contributes to increased innovation, better risk management and the capacity to outperform the market. The leader’s ability to create an inclusive culture of trust and optimal participation and performance is what makes the difference.

The Beasley Intercultural ‘Inclusive Leadership’ Program enables leaders to:

  • Develop insights and awareness of personal approaches to leadership and the implications for inclusion and team performance
  • Increase personal motivation and capacity to engage with, access and leverage the talents of staff from diverse backgrounds
  • Mitigate the risks of bias and group-think
  • Demonstrate behavioural change to enhance performance

The program has been delivered to participants in fifteen countries globally, with significant results. The ‘Inclusive Leadership’ Program can be delivered as:

  • 2 x Half Day Workshops with pre-reading and online diagnostic
  • 1 Day Workshop with pre-reading and online diagnostic
  • Modular eLearning Program, online community forum, diagnostic and learning hub


  • Unlock the potential of multigenerational and culturally diverse teams
  • Develop a global mindset
  • Develop personal strategies for greater leadership effectiveness
  • Create a more inclusive, participatory and diverse workplace

Practical Resources

  • Personalised leadership diagnostic & feedback
  • Toolkit & checklists for application of learning
  • Ongoing implementation plan