Global Mobility – Pre-deployment & Re-entry

Relocating or working in another country can be highly challenging, from both a personal and professional perspective. Employees are required to adjust and adapt while maintaining professionalism and performance. Re-entry is also a key part of the mobility cycle.

Research shows that lack of effective management can result in reduced productivity, coping issues and staff attrition. Organisations have a duty of care to ensure staff are adequately prepared and supported to develop the capabilities required to achieve success.

Beasley Intercultural ‘Global Mobility’ Programs enable participants to:

  • Develop a deeper awareness of their own cultural values and norms and how they may differ to the values and norms of the host location
  • Identify personal strategies for cultural adjustment and adaptation
  • Communicate more effectively in the new location, reducing misunderstandings as a result of cultural or language issues
  • Identify attitudinal, behavioural and value shifts and implications in personal and professional contexts
  • Minimise the risk of early return and/or poor adjustment, avoid common pitfalls and ‘hit the ground running’ on deployment

Global Mobility Programs can be delivered as:

  • Executive Briefings for relocating staff and their families
  • Full and half-day workshops
  • eLearning Programs
  • Tailored solutions; combined with other products in the suite or include industry-specific add-ons to create a personalised pathway

Practical Resources

  • Pre-deployment and re-entry checklists
  • Personal strategy planning templates
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