Cultural Effectiveness

Culture is ‘the way we do things around here’. It is expressed through behaviour and driven by values and beliefs. Culture is learned within the groups we belong to.

Cultural capability is the capacity to negotiate and navigate differences between one’s own culture and other cultures, and achieve outcomes. It depends not only on cultural awareness but also on the capacity to shift one’s perspective, to access critical cultural knowledge and to act accordingly.

Beasley Intercultural has been delivering Cultural Effectiveness programs for twenty years, and content, method and program delivery is industry best-practice.

Cultural awareness and effectiveness programs are often provided as core foundation and induction learning for staff working in culturally diverse workplaces.

‘Cultural Effectiveness’ can be delivered as a full or half-day workshop or as a 40-minute eLearning Program. The program can be tailored to your needs by including our industry specific add-ons or combining with other products in the suite to create a personalised learning pathway.

People in meeting


  • An awareness of one’s own and other cultural contexts
  • The ability to see and apply different cultural perspectives
  • Critical knowledge in relation to the cultural context and outcomes to be achieved
  • Practical capability to communicate, collaborate with diverse stakeholders and achieve operational outcomes

Practical Resources

  • Top 10 Global English Essentials
  • The SURF® model to negotiate cultural differences

Feedback from previous participants includes:

‘Should be essential for everyone to attend’
‘I never really knew how much culture shaped my approach – eye opening’
‘Living in a multicultural society, everyone should do this course!’