Our Approach

Case Study: APEC Development of a ‘Twinning’ Program Toolkit


Beasley Intercultural were engaged to develop a draft framework and pilot scheme for an Australia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Twinning initiative for presentation at the third APEC meeting in Peru, August 2008.

‘Twinning’ pairs an organisation in a developing country with a similar but more mature organisation in another country for capacity development. Twinning can refer to a variety of work-related placement activities, including: study visits, secondments, staff exchanges and job shadowing. Twinning arrangements can be for short or long periods, with participants drawn from government and business sectors.

Beasley Intercultural designed the PAIR model and associated 15 processes in the PAIR ‘toolkit’. A copy of the final report can be accessed here.

Outcomes included:

  • Minimise risk associated with global mobility within twinning programs
  • Facilitate greater capacity building within APEC through the exchange of staff
  • Provide a simple, practical template which could be used regardless of location, culture or organisational context to guide the optimal implementation of the initiative
  • Align project processes with APEC documentation and project management